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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

'08 albums

damn ..after coming home last night & settling in i knocked out and got a good 16 hours of sleep
..16 freakin hours ..lmao! i feel so great & energized ...i can take on anything! lolol ( i have a feeling i won't be going to sleep tonight lol )

ok so back to the title of the post ..

Hopefully '08 will be a great year for Hip Hop once again, there are many anticipated albums scheduled to come out ..but then again what are the chances nowadays that a hip hop album drops on its expected release date? or the chances that a hip hop album drops within 3 months of its scheduled date? ......or this year?!

my most anticipated hip hop album will have to be Nas right now, with the controversial tittle Nigger (yes a Jigga fan, CAN be a fan of Nas too lol) waiting on Feb to come and see if it actually comes out then, considering there has been NO leaks what so ever, all we know are a couple title tracks & seen a possible album cover? Leaving us more anxious!

also, Detox is suppose to FINALLY come out?!

other albums that ARE or RUMORED to come out:

AZ - Undeniable
Immortal Technique - The Middle Passage
Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told
MF DOOM & Ghostface Killah - Swift & Changeable
DMX - Walk With Me Now and You'll Fly With Me Later ( two albums in one day, a hip hop album & a gospel album )
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II ( he did an interview in '05 saying it was in the works's '08 already Raekwon! )
Big L - Real Legends Never Die
Kanye West - A Good Ass Job
Memphis Bleek - The Process
50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct ( was suppose to come out in 2007, but Curtis came out instead )
Nas - The Lost Tapes 2 ( doubt it =/ )
Papoose - The Nacirema Dream
Styles P - Five Star General
Prodigy - H.N.I.C. 2
Q-Tip - The Renaissance
Juelz Santana - Born to Lose, Built to Win (The Reagan Era)
Eve - Here I Am
Foxy Brown - Black Roses ( or Brooklyn's Don Diva, i seen two different titles )
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III ( i can care less, i dislike him so much it's not even funny lol )
Rhymefest - El Che
Ja Rule - The Mirror

outside of hip hop, in a previous post i mentioned Estelle's album Shine, release date for that is February 12th ..I'll post on that when i listen to the album, see if i still feel the same lol
Erykah Badu's album Baduizm comes out next month as well on the 24!!


Still the Fat 1 that you Love 2 hate said...

What about the Nas' N word album ?

Lost Tapes 2 I could wait for...and you dont like WEEZY F BABY !?!?

whats the matter with you Girl ?
everyone likes Lil Weezy !!!!

tineRz said...

whatttt of course ..first one i mentioned!

lost tapes was just down there as a bonus ..cause who knows if its really coming out...

weezy?! NO!!!!!!...........

Kingpin Kel aka said...

well I HAVE to disagree...Lyrically right now...Weezy is carrying the torch,..I mean you obviously have the Nas', the Hovs' of the world but for the mainstream, radio, 106 & Park crowd...Weezy is a lyrical muhfucka !!
Dont get me wrong...everything else about him is corny...his drama, his articles, his voice (sometimes), even some of his songs...but put that nikka on a dope beat, NO SINGING, a sick flow...he might actually have a shot as "The next rapper in be the best rapper alive.."

tineRz said...

i CANT agree with you!

lyrically? dude can spit metaphors ..blah blah blah ...ahhh i wish i can find this video of some dude spittin (wrong word, he was kinda talking lmao) metaphors ..and he was nicee ..he would NEVER be a rapper ..but it was kinda just showing anyone can do it.

yeah hes all over the radio, one of the many reasons why i dont bother listening to the radio anymore, or watch 106 because its all crap music lmao

only part i can agree EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS CORNY!

ahhhh kels stop getting me heated even discussing this dude LOL

ohhhh one more thing, heard he did an interview & said hes NOT engaged to Lauren Londen ..i know your a happy man!!! =D

King Pin said...

Happy ? c'mon girl everyone knows Lauren is all mine...Weezy never stood a chance...

but I will put together a cd of some DOPE weezy joints...that you wont be able to deny...even the biggest weezy hater..Murd couldnt say nothing when we heard this weezy track ...his Flow..Lyrics, Cadence...was on point! ill make you into a weezy fan before the end of winter...!!!

Its Kel...aka KingPin...aka Still the fat 1 that u love 2 hate..aka Fat and fly as ever ...aka name another fat nikka fly like me...aka

tineRz said...

lololololol ....before winter is over?! hahahhaa ..seriously kels!!

you know what, make that CD ..i'll even give it a listen! but making me into a weezy fan? i dont see that happening!

& lol @ 39258023099042 akas ;]