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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get your swag back daddy, where ya focus at!

The homie Kels posted a blog about "hipsters" lolol, funny dude ..and not to much related but it made me think of a dudes swag. & when he gets his grown n sexy on it just ..

matter fact no words =X

just pics ..

these are just some pics i stumbled upon recently and just haddd to save them ;]

oh & by all means i donttt mind some hoody & tims shit either ;D (right lanna!)


King Kels said...

go to her blog is sooo funny..shes getting at Jay hard !!

tineRz said...

lololol ..ok the Blender pic was pretty bad, & a few others are pretty bad ...but he doesss have good pics!! lol ..he needs to smile in his pics

...but her blog isss funny! even tho she keep gettin at Jay =/ lolll =D

tineRz said...

LOLLLL ..Kels check out this post at Satchel of Gravel!! hahaaa

The Kingpin said...

That was toooooo FUNNY !!!