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Sunday, January 27, 2008

old farts & genes

a happy birthday to my daddy ..who wont even see this ..but kinda why i'm writing this..

spent the day with the fam today, my daddys bday & my aunts ..yes their twins & it got me thinkin ..SHIT i might have twins ..u know how the genes skip a generation or whatever ...YIKES ..ahahaha not that I plan on having kids any time soon ..just a thought whennn i do ..oh wells i doooo want two kids, maybe i can just pop both out at once and im good. lmfao =X

anyways, cutie patooties here for a couple days ..yayayayy =D

oh and funny thing how most of my friends really ask bout him & call him cutie patootie!

his mommas belly gettin so biggg ...& its a girl! awawwww cutie patootie #2 will be here in may!

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