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Monday, December 31, 2007

I'ts a Celebration Bitches!

Skillz does his annual wrap up of the year..

so i asked my mom to wake me up early, & then realized i dont even know why ..i dont have to start getting ready until wayyyy later ..n theres pretty much nothin else for me to do right now? lol

a liiiiill sad seeing 2007 leave, '07 was amazing ..the people, the memories & everything ..i'll leave it like that ..i can't even do a wrap up'll look like a 34920393529 page essay ..lolol

mmm k i should go take a nap considering i wont get ANY sleep tonight because when i prolly come stumbling home (lol) i have to go get ready ..having brunch with the whooole fam tomorrow!
again grrrr @ my brother living so far away he's pickin us up mad early!
..& no way im hoppin on that ferry to go there just for a couple extra hours of sleep lolol

just a few more hours & its gonna be a celebration bitches!

happy new years & be safe
! =]

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Recap Of Jay-Z’s Tenure As President Of Def Jam

So we know by now Jay-Z is no longer President of Def Jam. So now when some of these artists are going to flop AGAIN, who are they going to blame???

MTV had an article about who might fill his shoes, rumors are that Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond or Damon Dash & they made a list of other potential candidates, along with a few looooong shots, who could land the coveted Def Jam presidency

RealTalkNY recaps Jay-Z’s tenure as President of Def Jam. Featuring clips from LL Cool J, Beanie Sigel, Joe Budden, Jadakiss, and Redman. From the mishaps to the accomplishments...

"album sales aren’t no where near what they used to be and no amount of promotion can change that. Thats not Jay-Z’s fault. The artist’s themselves have to be also held accountable for their projects. Get on your own grind and promote yourself if you feel the label isn’t. Also some of these artists have to be honest with themselves in terms of dropping albums and the timing of dropping albums. As much as we love LL Cool J in the Hip Hop community how many people honestly are sitting around saying “damn I can’t wait for that new LL album”???…..In all honesty who really was checking for a Beanie Sigel or Freeway album at this time of the year????….Well I could go on and on but Jigga did his thing while he had the position and now that he’s not the President of Def Jam anymore I wonder who the artists are gonna blame now when their albums brick in sales" ..i couldn't have said it better.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happyyyyy Holidays!

im in bed, sickkkkkkk ..great way to spend the holidays!! ..but i hope everyone enjoyed christmas!! mine was ehhhhhh ..wasn't really in the "christmas spirit" this year lol & my nephew came in my room wakin me up at like 8am when i just went to sleep notttt too long ago screamin preeesents preeesents hes cute tho i cant even get mad :D

cutie patooties christmas was great tho..

reason you can't see santas face what so ever is ....its my brother!!
lolol, cant have cutie patootie recognizing his daddy!

My brother, the cutie patootie, brothers wife & cutie patootie #2 in her belly!!!

now to get him to do annyyything we just tell him santa clause is watching n he jumps to do it ..lolol awwwww

can't wait till new years ..even tho we still kinda don't know wtf we doin yet, i love my bitches ..we'll have a blast =]

Monday, December 24, 2007

Cutie Patootie's a G

he's baaaackkkkk!

the cutie patooties stayin over for 4 days, woop wooooop :D

& merry christmas guys, hope u got everything on ur wishlist & blah blah blah! lol ;]

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Album of the Year?

question was brought up on NEG's message boards ..and damnnn thats hard .. but i have to say American Gangster ..& noooo not just because i love Hov, but the album is dope all around!

Overall 2007 had a bunchhh of great albums! Hip Hop is Dead? siiiike!!! I think Nas really made the artists go innnnn this year after his album and the whole controversy that came with it, props! & hopefully he sets the bar with his album in Feb as well ..'08 will be crazy!

Eardrum - miiiight just come in second for me
Finding Forever - Common on his grrrrrrind this year, happy hes finally getting acknowledged
Hi-Teknology 3 - slept on! [ Life to Me feat. Estelle <3 ]
Bodega Chronicles - fiiiinally listened to the album, craaazyyy!
8 Diagrams - heart gently weeps w| erykah badu!, im waiting on her album next year!
Mos Definite - travelin man!
The Cool - still gotta put in some more listen, idk something bout Lupe im just not feelin to much, but dude is nice
No Labels - Loj's debut album! Cop the album, from his page or iTunes!
Mood Muzik 3 - finallyyy, BUT not feelin how he gettin at hov!!
Big Doe Rehab - slow downn!!
Free at Last - ehhh, i didn't expect much & didn't get much out of it ..can't really say it got much play =X
I haven't heard Styles P or Beanies albums, not sure if i'll even get around to it ..unless someone suggests otherwise?

ooutside of hip hop, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys & Trey Songz had great albums!

on that note .. "fuck! what the hell I'm going to play" ;]

Friday, December 14, 2007

Before you lock my love awayyy

Commons short film for Testify

loved the song, but this short film just made it even better!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

2 girls 1 cup?

wtttttffffffffff ..this is def the nastiest SHIT i have ever seen =X

if you haven't seen this yet, yikes ..i don't know if you should lol

i gotta admit though, the reaction videos are hilarious!!

this one is PRICELESS ..lololllll

bwahahahaa kermit!!

if the curiosity is getting to you heres the link..

2 girls, 1 cup

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brooklyn Museum

It's been yeeeears since i been to a museum =/

who's coming with me??

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

30 Something

last month was crazy, hov was on like everyyy blog ..everrrryy day was def HOVEMBER! lolol

& with all the american gangster hype out the way ..just a HAAAAAPPPPYYY BIRRRTHDAY TO THE JIIIIIGGGA MANNNN! lolololll :D

i dont think i'll ever stop with the Jay-z posts tho!

ok ok i can keeeep going ..but im od'n ;D

and on a sad note, & a bonus video..

R.I.P PIMP C (from UGK)

im out to bump reasonable doubt, cashmere thoughts?!?! peace!

Friday, November 30, 2007

R.I.P Knicks

they got muuuuurdered!

NYK (4-10) 59
BOS (12-2) 104


Sunday, November 25, 2007

at the Knitting Factory

Shout outs to N.E.G for another dope show! those of you who saw the flier, & didnt come missed it loserrrs =]

Loj ended up spittin something, && doing a song ...damn technical difficulties! lolol ;]

Nola Darling came on and did their thingg, check out their page here

& then the Anomolies crew, which consist of Helixx, Pri the Honey Dark, Big Tara, Invincible and Kuttin Kandi. Do some research on these ladies ..they got it all ..MCs, a DJ, a producer, & a b-girl. check out their page here

breakdancing baby lolol i love it, artwork by NATural

Rugged N Raw( hope u pushed some more cds!) was in there, & Homeboy Sandman, who has a show Decemember 1st ..dont slack and miss this show either!

oh yeah, and laptops all fixed all saved but music ALL deleted ...ima have a LOT of redownloading to do =/
send me some songs asap and save me some troubles to
...lolol & please no GARBAGE music lmfao ..if you know me, you know what to send :D

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cutie Patootie!

my nephew sleeps over for about a week at a time once in a while, & i get so use to having him around ..he lives in staten island so i cant just pop in anytime lol (i think they moved there on purpose, after living only 2 blocks away for a couple of years lolol) so when hes not around i miss the hell out of him, hes too cute & so entertaining lmao

those who saw baaabby pics, hes getting so big now! hes def my brothers mini me lol

what?! ima big kid lolol

mommy snappin pics ..we was riding aroun in circles lolol

a couple older pics..

high five for tinaaaaa

look at that smile =D

always in polo lol

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is the world coming too..

In a recent interview with SOHH, rap legend Scarface proclaimed Soulja Boy to be his favorite rapper in the game right now.

"I'm telling you, Soulja Boy, that's my favorite artist right now," Scarface said. "I don't know what the fuck he sayin' but it's my favorite shit. First he was supersoakin' that hoe, then he was supermanin' that hoe. Is he Spidermanin' that hoe now? I'm down with that shit man. I don't know what none of that shit mean. So tell that kid to call me and tell me what all that shit mean."

......are you FREAKIN kidding me?!?!

ugh, (to read rest of the article)

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Crew

yeah so i havent had a post in a few days, laptop crashed lol =X

so real quick heres something, Jean Grae ..shes dope, lyrics are dope n def doesnt get the recognition she deserves ....this is for you Alanna ( her biggest fan lolol ;] )

** (listen to Jean Grae on Talib Kwelis remix to Hot Thing)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And the winner is...

Jay-Z tops this week’s Billboard 200 album sales chart with his American Gangster album, which sold 425,861 (I believe he could of done so much more, but then again album leaked CRAZY so I think those numbers are actually great) records in its first week! This gives Jay his tenth number one album, tying him with Elvis Presley for the second highest number of number one albums (The Beatles still have a lock on the top spot with 19).


btw cassidy pushed about 63,000 lololollll

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

this shit right heeere

..i looove this man, ya have no ideeeaar lolol!

sorry New York

wooop woop, suns babbbyyy!

NYK 102 (2-4)
PHO 113 (6-2)

oooh &&

BOS 101 (6-0)
IND 86

eeenough said =D

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wait a Minute

I caught this video a couple weeks ago, & its really growing on me. Its Wait a Minute (Just a Touch) by Estelle, she's signed under John Legend's label. I def wanna hear more from her, her album "Shine" drops in Feb 08.

Friday, November 9, 2007

favorite season

basketball season mofuckaaaa :D

Yessssss I love New York, butttt not expecting much ..even tho Knicks is doing iiighttt ..nice win the other night with the Nuggets hahaaa

if you know me, you know im rooting for my SUNS baby & celtics with Garnett, Pierce & Allen? exactly what they needed ..ooweeee :D

oh yeah and im tryin to go to some games, sheesh please!! *cough DECEMBER 2ND cough* lolololllll

puttin you on!

ok ok, so let me put you guys on

...whos NEG? Network Edutainment Group! check out asap, n check out the blogs, message boards n the MUSIC!

...and what about them? they are having an event you must attend!

Went to the last show they had at The Knitting Factory & I must say ...AWESOME! (yeah ima groupie lolol ;]) From the host (Rolando Brown) to the artists such as Loj, Rugged N Raw, Fresh Dot Daily & Blitz The Ambassador, to the artwork by Epic ..a great experience.

This up coming event will be a little different, its an all female lineup (minus the host, LOJ) female hip-hop artists, female DJ, female muralist, how ill is that! so come thru and show your support, as I will =]

the begining..

a blog! lol ..ok so with the some what free time i get sometimes & when im actually on the computer im completely hooked on blogs (fuck myspace! lolol) definitely check them out under dope blogs/sites!

anways, just keepin first post short & simple ..i'll be adding anything i feel i would like to share :D

and of course being the big hova fan i ammmmmm...

Jay, Nas & Diddy?! beautiful!

“The great thing about Puff.. What I really realized is.. He’s a great producer..” - Jay-Z

Jay speaks about the production for American Gangster at an interview with Charlie Rose (who watches PBS?? lol)

(to watch it -

anyways, there HAS to be a continuation!!! one of the best videos for 2007!!