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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i puuuuttt ooonnnn!

OKKKKK sooo i LIED !!

i never came back with that post..

but um this summer has just been craaazy busy!

& a lot of you have been hittin me up askin bout the blog..(i even got a r.i.p. text) LOL

soooo im defff startin up on the posts again..

actually i have a LOT i wanna post, but im at work right now & a lot is sitting at home on my memory cards this week im going to clean out my computer because of all the damn music & pictures i cant do shit on it right now ..& ill start posting daily, well maybe not daaaily ..but um I'll jack Kels line "I blog often" !!

& what really made me log back on right nowwww issss... duhhhhh JAY!

had to share..

Jeezy ft. Jay-Z - Put On Remix