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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Album of the Year?

question was brought up on NEG's message boards ..and damnnn thats hard .. but i have to say American Gangster ..& noooo not just because i love Hov, but the album is dope all around!

Overall 2007 had a bunchhh of great albums! Hip Hop is Dead? siiiike!!! I think Nas really made the artists go innnnn this year after his album and the whole controversy that came with it, props! & hopefully he sets the bar with his album in Feb as well ..'08 will be crazy!

Eardrum - miiiight just come in second for me
Finding Forever - Common on his grrrrrrind this year, happy hes finally getting acknowledged
Hi-Teknology 3 - slept on! [ Life to Me feat. Estelle <3 ]
Bodega Chronicles - fiiiinally listened to the album, craaazyyy!
8 Diagrams - heart gently weeps w| erykah badu!, im waiting on her album next year!
Mos Definite - travelin man!
The Cool - still gotta put in some more listen, idk something bout Lupe im just not feelin to much, but dude is nice
No Labels - Loj's debut album! Cop the album, from his page or iTunes!
Mood Muzik 3 - finallyyy, BUT not feelin how he gettin at hov!!
Big Doe Rehab - slow downn!!
Free at Last - ehhh, i didn't expect much & didn't get much out of it ..can't really say it got much play =X
I haven't heard Styles P or Beanies albums, not sure if i'll even get around to it ..unless someone suggests otherwise?

ooutside of hip hop, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys & Trey Songz had great albums!

on that note .. "fuck! what the hell I'm going to play" ;]


Imperial Kel said...

For me ? It was Finding Forever...I've always been a fan of emcee's who have WHOLE package..i.e. flow,lyrics,beats,hook,concepts etc.(a nikka wit just dope lyrics doesn't cut it)..and Finding Forever IMO (inmyopinion) gave me all that I was looking for. This day and age its hard for me to find an album I can bump from beginning to the end. With common's latest joint there's no exception. I do skip a track or two but after that its easily listening. DOPENESS, beats, melodies, lyrics, hooks.

tineRz said...

kels i can't disagree with you, Common's album was addicting.

i hate albums you cant listen to from beg to end, when theres only a song or two worth listening to, maybe even 5 ..but what about all the other songs that made the album??

i guess thats why sales are down, besides the internet downloading ..which most people do because they don't want the whole album, but maybe just the single off it.

albums need to be thought out more, put more effort in it front to back ..those are the albums that get categorized as "classics".

Awesome Kel aka Still The Fat one that you love to hate ! said...

word up joints from beginning to end are Classics for real !! but unfortunately in todays weather of sub par material , I've grown accustomed to an album that has "skip-able tracks". Maybe a little TOO accustomed.

tineRz said...

definitely & exactly lol

i mean ok u skip one or two songs, cool ..maybe ur just not feelin it, but when u skippin half - whole album? smh lol

one reason american gangster might be my album of the year ..beg to end i can listen to that shit all day ..ok ok i skip roc boys, i can only stand to hear that song when im watchin the video, then i have a change of heart and love it! lol