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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happyyyyy Holidays!

im in bed, sickkkkkkk ..great way to spend the holidays!! ..but i hope everyone enjoyed christmas!! mine was ehhhhhh ..wasn't really in the "christmas spirit" this year lol & my nephew came in my room wakin me up at like 8am when i just went to sleep notttt too long ago screamin preeesents preeesents hes cute tho i cant even get mad :D

cutie patooties christmas was great tho..

reason you can't see santas face what so ever is ....its my brother!!
lolol, cant have cutie patootie recognizing his daddy!

My brother, the cutie patootie, brothers wife & cutie patootie #2 in her belly!!!

now to get him to do annyyything we just tell him santa clause is watching n he jumps to do it ..lolol awwwww

can't wait till new years ..even tho we still kinda don't know wtf we doin yet, i love my bitches ..we'll have a blast =]


The KingPin Kel said...

Cutie Patootie (Did I really just say that word) is a Cutie lol !!

have a happy New Year...!!


tineRz said...

kelssssss ..i wasn't sure to respond here, myspace, neg's blog ..idk cuz the last post was bout the party n thought it would be outa place? lmao ...anywhoooooo

have a haapppyyy new yearrr!!
met you not to long ago, but time freakin flies haha ..always great meeting new people & POSITIVE people stay on your grind, thats what i love about you guys at NEG, so focused! ..i know '08 will be filled with great things for you guys!

oh & you did say that word!! it just fits so right ..hahaahahhaaa =]