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Sunday, November 25, 2007

at the Knitting Factory

Shout outs to N.E.G for another dope show! those of you who saw the flier, & didnt come missed it loserrrs =]

Loj ended up spittin something, && doing a song ...damn technical difficulties! lolol ;]

Nola Darling came on and did their thingg, check out their page here

& then the Anomolies crew, which consist of Helixx, Pri the Honey Dark, Big Tara, Invincible and Kuttin Kandi. Do some research on these ladies ..they got it all ..MCs, a DJ, a producer, & a b-girl. check out their page here

breakdancing baby lolol i love it, artwork by NATural

Rugged N Raw( hope u pushed some more cds!) was in there, & Homeboy Sandman, who has a show Decemember 1st ..dont slack and miss this show either!

oh yeah, and laptops all fixed all saved but music ALL deleted ...ima have a LOT of redownloading to do =/
send me some songs asap and save me some troubles to
...lolol & please no GARBAGE music lmfao ..if you know me, you know what to send :D


Homeboy Sandman said...

tinerz runs the ill blog and knows here hip hop and continues to hold it down on a consistent basis

Homeboy Sandman said...

i mean knows "her" hip hop