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Monday, February 11, 2008

I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you!

all the talk about the Grammys, & when it actually came on i forgot
..but Scoop hit me up and reminded me (thanks!)
..but i justttt missed Kanyes performance

..of course it'll be on youtube in a couple hours

so with nothing to do at work ...i was def youtubin it up! loll

..WOW, his performance was great ..& hey mama? i might have shed a tear, i just wanted to hug him!!!

& he won 4 Grammys, good for him ..he def deserves them =]

&& he's making me want to see him in the Glow in the Dark tour sooo bad now, if i get my money righttt in there! lolol

ooo and Nas talking about the album..

umm .. i knew the album wasnt going to drop this month =/

butt the heavy promotion has started! & Nas is great at it, i know i read it but i forgot where ..but he said it ..if ur label doesn't help you ..YOU the rapper putting out the album should promote it, market yourself!!!

Questlove & Travis Barker on the drums ..DOPE.

ahh a few more highlights of the Grammys but whatever ..congrats to those who won, those who looked great & bla bla blah ;D ..peeace!

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