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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flashing Lights

woo finally..

i had to watch it a couple of times, honestly i dont know if i like it or not lol ..its different & creative, that i like ..but for this song?


Kel said...

ok all I gotta say is...WTF !? I think what I'm about to write might actually inspire a future blog. It starts with Creativity...
Prince, David Bowie, Elton John etc...Genius' but if you ask any Hip Hop head, your likely to get.."WackJobs" now I definitely appreciate Kanye's thinking outside the box, but what do those same Hip Hop head's say now about him ? theres definitely two ways to look at way is, he's opening up their mind..and another is He is also inducted to that list of dope music maker "WackJobs"...I gotta sleep on it..this is a tough one !

tineRz said...

well im waiting to see the rest of the video to figure out my opinion ( its part 1 of 3 i think )

& as for inspiration for a future blog ...go in kels, i need to read thattt lol