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Thursday, February 28, 2008

..dont make him havta spray his clip!!

watch Homeboy Sandman's video, ..yall motherfuckers gonna play his shit, shiiiieeettttttttt!! (extreme measures)

the boy sand freestyles for 10 mins, he is a beassttt!

heres the link to the video leave a comment, show some support!!

also from the show last night at Sputnik, i wish i had my camera ..i would upload the video with the quickness. Stage presence means so much, when a performer has so much energy & gets the crowd live ..its amazing. I've def seen a few that hype up the crowd, it changes everything about the show,& how i feel about them as an emcee.

oh & another thing ...its SO cold outside its fuckin celsius ...hahahaha right Sandman? new slang people ..thats def going to be in an upcoming song or freestyle LOL ;D

luckily my bad luck with the mta late night missions home didnt fuck up the night ..i guess we had "a lil bit o' luck" who stole the big head idea ..shiiitttttt


^^& while thats up ..upcoming show at Crash Mansion March 22nd ^^ including NEG's Loj!

..but I'll remind ya bout that again later =]

&& yo fucked up is that you left mr beatz ...!! =X

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