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Friday, March 7, 2008

They wanna rap and make soul beats just like you..

okkkk so I got some free time, got out of work early today & have time to kill until class.

I should of listend to my mom & sandman and go hoooome because i def had enough time to do so, but instead i come to school early so i can do my paper.

I banged it out & now I still have time to kill ...dammit!

lol, but thats when the blog comes in..

The Roots - Get Busy

download The Roots - Get Busy here

Ice Cube ft. Nas & Scarface - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

MCEO: Mixtape Trailer

So not only are Mick Boogie and Talib Kweli putting out this new mixtape, MCEO, on their own on Monday (check, and, but they decided to do everything else, too. Talib is the MC and the CEO (hence "MCEO") and Mick is the DJournalist. Mick's first work is below. He asked the tough questions and sometimes, he even answered them. Still, is the OG source, so remember where you heard aobut this new project first, as well as the promise of a reunion we've all been waiting for (but not the big reunion we've all been waiting for).

here's the interview with Mick & Talib with Urb Magazine

Kanye posted a few pics from the video Home on his blog, i think i like him more & more everyday =]

oh man ..this is hilarious, ya KNOW how much i hate weezy right lololol

i mean i kinda respect the fact hes doing an ad to support safe sex, but whoever did the ad suckz ..its the pic above -baby's head lol

also member Jiggas "im not a writer, ima biter" ...heres one for wayne

dude swagger jacks Hova like crazy, member the album covers? hmm ..but honestly if u look up all artists lyrics they all have lines from someone else, *shrugs shoulders* whatever.

yayyy this did its job killing time, class is starting ..& im here till 10:15 ..
4 & a half freakin hours
..happy happy joy joy =/

but other than that ..looking forward to a wonderful weekend

..peeace =D

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