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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blueprint 3 babbbbyyyyy

SONNNNNN, Glow in the Dark was def dope ..storyline & everything was amazing. How everything went so perfect ..well it was just perfect! LOL

BUTTTT one thing missing ...JAAAAY?!

KAAAANYE how you bring out Hov the night after i come see you?! =/

anyways i'll live, shout outs to Kel for the ticket!

&& shout outs to John for texting me as soon as he could to tell me Ye brought Jay last night...(GRRR)

Jocking Jay-Z @ MSG 08/06/08

Jay-Z - Jocking Jay-Z

oh & no pics this time =/
stupid camera was playing games and the pics werent coming out with the lighting ..its iiiiiight tho =]

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